As a woman business owner, it’s frustrating to feel invisible in the crowded marketplace. It seems like no matter how much time and money I invest in marketing, it’s never enough. The truth is all those platforms that claim to help businesses like mine end up being unaffordable and unattainable. It’s impossible to figure out my return on investment. And yes, I’m a small business owner but I can still do math. I know that I’m losing money on all the digital marketing.

Search rankings, take it or leave it

Take Google, for example. Everyone says you need a high ranking on Google. But getting there is never going to happen for businesses like mine. The competition is too extreme. I’ve also learned that Google’s algorithms push the highest paying advertisers and purposely display new businesses to users. It’s like a game of whack-a-mole. There’s no way I can afford the amount of SEO expertise to get there or keep up if I did.

Social media doesn’t return the investment

Social media platforms are free to use and post. But if you want your posts to be seen by people that don’t already know you, it gets expensive very fast. You can spend your entire marketing budget to increase exposure and still never get enough paying customers to justify the expense. They pull you into a never-ending cycle of spending money just to stay afloat, but you just sink a little more all the time.

I joined Econic Women

That’s why I joined to Econic Women. I connect with other women-owned businesses and partner with certified businesses that can give me a competitive edge. By working together, we create a super powered network that serves local clients and the biggest enterprises on the planet. It also gives me a path that I can afford to earn a women-owned business certification.

It’s time for a change. Get the visibility and support with our own dedicated digital network without having to pay a huge price. Econic Women is the first platform to really step up and level the playing field for all women that are in business or want to grow a new business. We’re here, we’re ready to succeed.

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