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Join the first network that connects women owned businesses together in a secure digital commerce ecosystem. Add your business, gig or idea to the network map to be seen and supported by women everywhere. Our pins take us from invisible to invincible.

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Step 2

Start marketing digital

Single platform for your digital marketing

Create campaigns that reach actual customers

Connect to the market with your message

Buy from other women in the network

Your own advertising channel

Replace the unknown results of Google, social media and SEO spend for a solution with real ROI. Connect Digital simplifies the entire digital marketing process in a single platform. You can create campaigns and control their reputation.

$19/month after completing Step 1.

Step 3

Get a data driven digital business

Improves cashflow

Grows top line revenue

Secure, verified network reduces fraud

Track revenue and costs in real time

Sell Digital pulls together the direct channel to your customers and converts that to top line revenue growth. Turn on dynamic pricing to automate pricing strategy and customer loyalty. Track end-to-end sales data, revenue and costs and generate all the data you need to activate your AI business in the next step.

$119/month after completing Step 2.

Step 4

AI Growth

Real AI for real growth

AI-based financial forecasting and reports

Identifies, ranks and scores best services

Bundle services with other connected businesses

Complete Econic certification status in this stage

AI uncovers the ROI of your own data

Econic AI provides partners and their customers benefits that no other single platform can offer. AI-based reports generated from the unique business and network data drive new business opportunities and clarity into the activities that scale revenue and markets. Business that reach this stage get promoted in the Econic Connect B2B sales channel.

$299/month after completing Step 3

Available as an upgrade from Smart Commerce

Econic Digital Transformation Journey

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Econic AI was created to level the playing field for the 99% who are underserved by digital tools. Capture your value by serving customers directly in your own omni-channel digital network. Work the 4 steps to digital success.

Secure digital payments directly to your bank

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